HSSE policy

Shuttle Bridge Ltd is the fast growing and the UK's leading provider of shipping, logistics, marine and related services between the UK and China and South East Asia markets- wherever you go.

Group Health, Safety, Security And Environment (HSSE) Policy

Our Belief

Shuttle Bridge Logistics Ltd. Group managers and staff believe that healthy, safe, secure and environmentally sustainable work is essential for the well-being of our fellow employees and their families, our customers, visitors and all other stakeholders who encounter the Group's Shipping, Logistics and Marine services.

We believe that HSSE-related incidents can be prevented and impacts reduced through an effective HSSE Management System. 
The quality of our attitudes, actions, written documents and equipment reflects the level of our commitment to HSSE in the organisation.

Our Commitment

We are committed to achieving an effective HSSE Management System by:

  • Complying with the Shuttle Bridge Logisitics Ltd. Group HSSE Management System and all regulatory HSSE requirements
  • Establishing local HSSE Management Systems
  • Providing employees, customers, visitors and other stakeholders with necessary HSSE information, instructions and training
  • Providing and maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy working environment
  • Encouraging a preventative action culture
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets for periodic review
  • Actively encouraging feedback for continuous improvement
  • Reporting HSSE issues and near-miss incidents
  • Reporting HSSE performance to Senior Management
  • Reviewing the Shuttle Bridge Logisitics Ltd. Group HSSE Management System at planned intervals