Shuttle Bridge Ltd is the fast growing and the UK's leading provider of shipping, logistics, marine and related services between the UK and China and South East Asia markets- wherever you go.


  • Both buildings have only two points of access being the front door and the warehouse door.
  • External CCTV with digital recording captures images of vehicles and pedestrians approaching or entering by either door. 
  • Access to the warehouse is not possible unless authorised by contacting the office via intercom.
  • Access to the front door is controlled via a key pad or Access Control panel and visitors must be met at the door.
  • Outside lighting provides a good level of light to both the front of the warehouse and the offices.
  • Ram raid posts are fitted outside of the warehouse door or entrances to the car park.



CCTV cameras are fitted strategically to monitor and digitally record as follows: -
Security and fire systems are monitored by National security on a 24/7 basis.  Initial activation of a sensor such as break glass,
 movement, door sensor will result in our security company attending.  A second confirmed activation will result in the police being called. 


Security Measures

Shuttle Bridge operates to a high standard of security. Our security programme includes:

  • we cannot allow access to any non authorised personnel
  • Authorised non Shuttle Bridge personnel must be accompanied at all times
  • All visitors must sign in and wear a badge and high visibility visitors vest whilst in warehouse area.
  • Shuttle Bridge employees are five year reference checked.
  • Temporary personnel are not allowed unaccompanied access to the warehouses at any time.