Stock management

Shuttle Bridge Ltd is the fast growing and the UK's leading provider of shipping, logistics, marine and related services between the UK and China and South East Asia markets- wherever you go.

Stock Rotation, Status and Batch Control

Our warehouse management system and operating procedures enable all goods to be rotated in line with customer requirements including a simple first in first out approach (F.I.F.O.). We are able to tag your goods by status and our stringent receiving controls provide the ability to pick by batch or best before date as required. Using secure remote access, clients can have “real time” access to view inventory around the clock and from anywhere in the world.


Reduced wastage / maximised sales


Cyclical Counting

Re-active stock control is the equivalent of “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”.
At 3PL we adopt a far more pro-active approach to maintaining stock accuracy on a daily basis. Our dedicated team of inventorty controllers perform a cycle counting programme ensuring that inventory levels by storage location are validated on a recurring basis. This provides that added assurance that your end of day stock balance report is both up to date and accurate whilst also maximising availability.


Optimised sales and added peace of mind.


Audited Stock Counts

Pending the size of company, independently audited year end stock counts can be part of the framework.  In such cases we are able to support most company requirements in the form of both physical and systems support.
From annual audits to random stock sampling we cater for most reporting needs.
In the presence of a customer nominated auditor we are able to demonstrate a credible process to audit standard and complete a comprehensive and fully transparent count, the results of which are published in a user friendly format.


A credible balance sheet


Zero Tolerance Programme

As part of our ISO 9001 quality framework our ZT programme ensures that all “critical control points” are audited by members of the 3PL management team on recurring basis. This audit includes ad hoc checking of work completed e.g. pick accuracy, quality of finished goods etc. and helps to maintain quality awareness within the team.