Cargo insurance

Shuttle Bridge Ltd is the fast growing and the UK's leading provider of shipping, logistics, marine and related services between the UK and China and South East Asia markets- wherever you go.

Shuttle Bridge provides international traders and those involved in logistics the ability to offer immediate insurance cover for their customer’s cargo and generate certificates evidencing cover within 1 minute. Our insurance product differs from some traditional cargo policies as it provides cover for each individual consignment on a pay on use basis.

Key benefits:

  • Instant email quote for all importers and exporters
  • Insurance certificates generated within 1 minute
  • Insurance cover in accordance with the latest version of the Institute Cargo Clauses
  • Cover for wide range of cargoes and voyages
  • Bespoke solutions available for special consignments or projects
  • Claims handling undertaken by dedicated experts worldwide
  • Integrated accounting and payment processes